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Dedicated Nonprofit Organization in Lakewood, WA

E.P.O.R. For The Streets is a new non-profit serving Lakewood and Tacoma, WA. Our ministry program was created 2019.( I was asked ) to create a Ministry program and shelter called " Esther’s Place of Rest" the location of St. Francis Cabrini Parish where I had went as a child, with the Blessings from the priest and help from the volunteers and parishioners. With the Passion and Directive from above and stead fast spirit it was the first of many Shelters I plan to create  in Tacoma for we know we can not leave our brothers and sisters in isolation any longer. 

It would later become a Shelter for (5) men or women on alternating weekends. February 1st, 2021, Guided by the Lord and after getting them started I moved forward on my journey. February 10, 2021, our non- profit was born to expand the programs to other Churches.

We continue feeding directly to each person during the Covid Pandemic taking health and safety precautions toward the unhoused we serve. Our aim is to uplift each through dignity and respect for the whole human being. Get in touch to learn more about our programs we've developed.

Right now, you can now make a $25 donation toward our to Sacks of Hope program. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this non-profit program.

Our Mission

To listen to the Lord’s “Passion Directive” and want to encourage “All" Churches of all denominations to Open their Doors to (5) Beloved Guests help each find the Passion within them and offer uplifting hope, kindness and mercy. Renewal through faith and spiritual support and we hope to build trust and community to our most vulnerable population.   

New Non-Profit Organization

Streets Ministry and Programs for Shelter 

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Spreading Hope Through Volunteer Work

Our non-profit volunteers took our Sacks of Hope program from Lakewood to Parkland, Hosmer, and South Tacoma. Last year we handed out 7,690  sacks to appreciative people sleeping on cement, tents, cars and camps.

McDonald's has also been providing donations of cheeseburgers and McRibs twice a week for over a year and a half. Before that, we took donations from Taco Bell. Also, Our volunteers also make sandwiches and fresh fruit, drinks, and snacks. We also provide hot soups and meals in the winter.

Passion Directive—Our Story

On October 2, 2019, Donna, our founder, heard the Lord's voice, and he gave her two messages in the parking lot of a Church at St. John Bosco, a church she had never been to.

The Lord's voice was beautiful and spoke with authority. He said: “Donna, go back in there and ask them to let five of my beloved, isolated children in off of the streets, out of the cold, wind, rain, and all weather. Bring them in to me and my protection. Tell them to do this for "Me.” And so Donna did. She went to five more churches that day and six more the next day.

On October 25, 2019, Donna had a meeting and asked them to open the door for shelter. She created a ministry program called "Esther's Place of Rest" named after her Grandmother. It was Donna’s first ministry. On November 14th men and in December ( women were added alternating week end.) Also, on November 14th Volunteers were trained using “on the job training method” with back up materials. You want volunteers who want to build trust and relationships who will talk yet really listen. 

In the year 2020, on October 1st, Donna was told that she could have a shelter started for men. E.P.O.R. is the first men’s shelter in the area. On November 14, 2021, Donna opened a location at Saint Frances Cabrini Parish, which can house up to five individuals at a time. My main goal besides feeding individuals is to get “All" Churches to hear the Lord's message and share their space and let the beloved inside “All” the faith communities. Trust and believe it is doable and can work without fears.

Jesus, I Trust in You

The Passion Directive motivated her to design programs with options for churches….EPOR can get you moving into a New Normal a New Future.

Come you after me and I will make you fishers of men. MARK 1: 17


Passion within…

Offer …Programs…

Renewal with Faith

Reach Out to Our Team Today

Do you want to learn more about our non-profit organization and charity work? Call us today. E.P.O.R. For The Streets is dedicated to providing help wherever it’s needed and to whomever is in need.

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