Community Outreach in Lakewood

At E.P.O.R. For The Streets, we serve those in need throughout Lakewood, WA, and the surrounding region. Our volunteers provide unsheltered people with personal hygiene products (soap, toothpaste, razors, toilet paper) as well as “Sacks of Hope,” which are bags filled with fruits, sandwiches, juice, snacks, protein bars, cookies, and other snacks. Looking for Churches that what to commit to Guesthousing/ Shelters for E.P.O.R. Programs’s.

Community Outreach Through Sacks of Hope Program | Free Services for the Homeless Population | Non-Profit Shelter Programs

Uplift….each person to find Christ's Every lasting Love

Guide…to reach goals to lead to stability

Love…with faith, compassion, mercy and Joy 

woman with food

About Sacks of Hope

Even before COVID-19, we’ve taken our Sacks of Hope program to the streets. This community outreach program is offered to unsheltered populations. Our “Sacks of Hope” are decorated by school children and adult children with disabilities and then distributed to those in need. Around 640 sacks are made and distributed each month.

With the help of more volunteers, we could do more. Join us today to serve as a volunteer and give back to those in need.

Our Future Goals

Our goal at E.P.O.R. For The Streets” is to have Churches of “ All" denominations

to serve and uplift the unsheltered through year- round Guesthousing/ Shelter programs.

We need Churches who want to change the future for the Lord’s Children.

Build deep relationships with each guests and help connect them to community resources.

Provide a safe and healthy environment.

We need to bring each to Christ's Love and Protection.

We will help you recruit volunteers and train them . The churches can help each guests find resource referrals needed to find permanent housing achieve freedom from many afflictions and addictions and help them find the skills to create sustainable life. 


This is Syvia our first female guest she is  80 yrs old living on the streets off and on 25 years she is full of spirit and kindness. Her laughter filled the whole place when she was enjoying her favorite movies and TV shows. She ready to have a one bedroom soon we are hoping. She enjoys her newspapers and her street friends.

  • Deposits and rents are to high
  • 1 out of 8 people in our community  is experiencing food insecurity.
  • I am seeing more people living outside.

"I Love the people I meet they are so kind and deserving always blessing me. I  am razor focused on the Lord's Directive."


"Margarita  first E.P.O.R. Volunteer she loves to serve and make relationships helped give support to me and our guests.

It was a treat to volunteer with Donna.

It is rare to know someone who understands the unhomed as they really are- their gifts and blessings- instead of only through their myths and stereotypes."

- TOD, Volunteer Nov 29, 21

"It was a highlight of my life to stay at the women shelter and to have a place to rest after taking my shower and getting to watch T.V. and favorite news shows.

And making friends. Margarita makes the best mash potatoes."

- Syvia, Margarita first volunteer Lead Host

Become a Part of the Journey

Will you help E.P.O.R. For The Streets fulfill our goal? If you think that your church could be a space to those in need, or you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, please reach out to us today.

(253) 474-0649